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Go Royale

Go Royale


Here at Go Outside we had a vision about bringing a computer game to life... so that is exactly what we've done. We've recreated the worlds most famous gaming arena in some pine woods near Liverpool! And we even have our very own combat coach!

Instead of children staring at a television screen playing on the X-Box, they can run and shoot their way around Go Royale and try to capture Tipsy Towers - exercising their bodies and their minds!

Picture this...

  • Your child musters their battle kit in the armory, the horn on our combat coach sounds, "All aboard!"
  • The teams are given their orders on the coach before jumping off into battle, armed with the world's leading laser tag equipment.
  • They shoot their way around towns such as Tipsy Towers and Wilted Willows.
  • Will they find hidden ammunition boxes to win prizes?
  • Will their teams be victorious? 
  • Will they be the King or Queen of Battle Royale? Remember there can be only 1!