Go Outside

Need to Know

What you need to know ahead of your child’s visit to Go Outside…

•     Activities at ‘Go Outside’ are designed to be high tempo and can be physically demanding.  If parents feel any special variations need to be made or any child has a physical/medical issue that we need to be aware of then please inform us prior to arrival.

•     All activities are in a forest. Although every effort has been taken to ensure a clear playing area, as with any forest, hazards still exist. The playing area may have varying terrain, maybe slippery and have many trip hazards. There is a possibility of fallen tree debris.

•      Children will receive food and drink whilst they are visiting. Food consists of hot dogs on a bread bun and sweets/marshmallows. The children will receive a juice drink. If your child has any special dietary requirements then please let the party organiser know prior to their visit and suitable alternatives will be arranged.

•     If your child is participating in a Go Commando party, one of the activities will involve toasting marshmallows on an open camp fire.  If you do not want your child to take part in this activity, please let the party organiser know in advance.

•     Children will get dirty. There is every possibility that your child will get wet and muddy especially if visiting a Go Commando party. Please dress your child in suitable clothing for their visit. Clothing should be weather appropriate and not of high value.

•     Pictures are taken whilst visiting Go Outside.  This gives parents a great insight as to how your child has spent their time with us. This is totally free service and pictures are usually posted on our social media site. In some instances they can be used in the media. If for any reason you wish for your child not to be photographed, please let our instructors know upon arrival. Failure to do so will leave us to assume we have your full permission.

•     Please see the relevant waiver form that can be found in this section. This must be understood and agreed by your party organiser before a booking can be made. Please take the time to read this document and if you have any concerns make your party organiser aware.

•     Last but by no mean least! Our whole ethos at Go Outside is to let children be children. This means plenty of exercise, mud, rolling around and having lots and lots of fun in natures playground. We have put in a great amount of work making the forest as safe as possible for your children but, that said, it is still a forest. Our instructors are highly competent and we have seen thousands of children enjoy every minute of their visit.  We strive to continue in this manner and we thank you for allowing your children to visit.

PLEASE NOTE THAT RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONSENT LIES WITH PARTY ORGANISERS - if you are not the party organiser, they will consent on your behalf. Click on a waiver below to view and download the file. Should you have any concerns regarding the waiver, please consult with your party organiser.

WAIVER Go Commando

WAIVER Go Royale