Go Outside

Go Party


Go Party

Forget an old school hall with a few sandwiches and forget a happy meal in McDonalds...

Book your party at Go Outside - the most exciting and exhilarating childrens party around! 

Invites Go Royale.jpg


Is your birthday boy or girl a little Sergeant Major? Go Commando offers Royal Marine Commandos as your hosts, camouflage face paint and top secret birthday party invitations!

Does your child want a computer game themed party? Then get your guests away from the X-Box and into our real life gaming arena for a battle in Go Royale! 

We even supply the invites!

Go Outside Presentation


Celebrate a successful campaign by having your presentation ceremony at Go Outside!

Can your player of the season survive a battle in Go Royale? Will your top scorer win again in Target Town? And can your team unite as part of a Go Commando troop?

Only one way to find out...

Go Outside School Trip


Hard working pupils (and teachers) deserve a reward they will remember.  A trip to Go Outside will give them exactly that! 

Are you confident enough for students versus teachers in Target Town?  Who will be top of the leaderboard and who will be hanging their head in shame in class on Monday morning?