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Little Soldiers Birthday Party

TIME 3 hours
MISSION Face paint, Nerf battles, campfire hotdogs / toasted marshmallow, shelter / den building, obstacle course, water battle. There is no min number required for this party but there is a  maximum of 20 children.
AGE +6 years
PRICE £200 plus £2.50 per child for food and drink. 

After School Mini Commando Party

TIME 1.5 hours
MISSION Face paint, Nerf battles, campfire hotdogs, water battle. A minimum of 12 children is required to book this party.
AGE +6 years
PRICE £12 per child including food and drink

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Laser Tag

TIME 1.5 hours
MISSION 90 minute gameplay.
AGE +7 years
PRICE £20 per child


Laser Tag Sniper Party

TIME 1.75 hours
MISSION 2 x 40 min games with a 15 minute food and drink break. A maximum number of 15 children are allowed for this party.
AGE +7 years
PRICE £300 for a party of up to 15 children. Additional children £10 each.